Rebuild General Practice

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Rebuild General Practice

Working with our partners at the BMA and GPDF, we created and developed the Rebuild General Practice campaign with the aim of addressing the crisis facing GPs, GP staff, and patients in general practice.

We launched the campaign in March 2022 with an emergency press conference, headed by GP representatives and former Health Secretary, Jeremy Hunt MP. Over the course of the campaign, we engaged media, politicians, patients, and local medical committees in order to tackle the key issues of workforce, workload, and welfare.

With a daily press office, regular media and political briefings, monthly activations including a parliamentary event, and an active Twitter presence, Rebuild GP managed to tame the media’s negative rhetoric and force politicians on both sides of the chamber to pay attention to general practice. Importantly, the campaign prompted the government to guarantee an NHS workforce plan for the next 5, 10, and 15 years – the first step to a rebuilt general practice which works for everyone.

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